Our Service is the old faishon way-our eye to detail


our domestic and foreign auto restoration technician from germany, to bring your classic cars and trucks back to mint condition. With many years of automotive industry experience, our knowledgeable staff can do whatever it takes to help your classic car attain its former glory. From under the hood to inside the car, our technicians are fully trained and equipped to handle all your auto restoration needs. Realize the potential of your automobile with the   expert service of Classic Car Service and Repair.

Our experts do all repairs short of bodywork including replacing interiors, building motors and manual transmissions, and performing electrical and air-conditioning work.  Not limited to classic cars we also service and repair new cars. Complete car service for all your automotive needs

Equal attention is paid to the mechanical, as well as the cosmetic details, with engines, transmissions, axle assemblies and suspension systems of virtually all types completely rebuilt and perfected by our team. In addition to our award-winning complete restorations, we are also expert in the sympathetic preservation of your classic vehicle, ensuring mechanical reliability while maintaining its cosmetic originality.

A complete restoration begins with complete disassembly of the vehicle, followed by the cataloguing, photographing, and safe, organized storage of all components. Your car's bodywork is restored by our highly experienced metal fabricators and formers, who utilize both gas and TIG welding methods, with the latter particularly useful for joining the lightweight aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and other non-ferrous panels and parts found on many coachbuilt classics and racing cars. You can rely on our highly skilled metal technicians and fabricators, who possess a keen and critical eye for straightness, alignment, and perfect door, hood and trunk gaps, all hallmarks of an excellent, show-worthy restoration. Our many in-house capabilities extend even further to the custom design and fabrication of all types of moldings and trim pieces from scratch

Using original or custom-specified patterns and colors, upholstery is beautifully crafted using a wide variety of materials including cloth, leather, vinyl, wool, and even such exotic materials as ostrich hide. Depending upon your specific requirements, materials are meticulously selected to achieve the desired grain, texture, and sheen for your treasured classic.

We are proud to work on your Car an ofeer quality and workmanship