We will install OEM or aftermarket body panels to the most strict standards. In some cases where body panels cannot be found, we will make custom panels to complete the task. Below are a few examples of the many body panels we have installed.

As part of the restoration, each part must be thoroughly examined, cleaned and repaired, or if repair of the individual part would be too costly, replaced (assuming correct, quality parts are available) as necessary to return the entire automobile to "as first sold" condition.

All of the parts showing wear or damage that were originally painted are typically stripped of old paint, with any rust or rust related damage repaired, dents and ripples removed and then the metal refinished, primed and painted with colors to match the original factory colors. Wooden parts go through the same meticulous inspection and repair process with reglueing, replacement of rotted or termite-damaged wood, sealing and refinishing to match the factory specifications. Chrome and trim may require stripping and repair/refinishing. Your car's bodywork is restored by our highly experienced metal fabricators and formers, who utilize both gas and TIG welding methods, with the latter particularly useful for joining the lightweight aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and other non-ferrous panels and parts found on many coachbuilt classics and racing cars